About us

Kesar Ganga


Kutch Agro is primarily an agro based enterprise with its presence in the fields of of Dairy Farming, Snack Foods, Hi-tech Agriculture/Horticulture and Social-Environment initiativties.

We humbly began our journey in 2005 with a medium size Dairy Farming Project in Pune District under the Brand of “Kesar Ganga Gauras”

Ayurveda & modern science have now endorsed the superiority of Cow Milk. It contains 10 times more Carotene (Vitammin A).

It is easy to digest and helps you to overcome numerous ailments. Doctors and Naturopaths strongly recommend Desi Cow Milk to patients suffering from cholesterol, obesity, High/ Low BP, insomnia, constipation, stomach, eyesight & cardiac ailments.

We ventured in the field on Snack Food processing under the brand name of ‘ Kenty’s ’ producing a wide variety of over 40 delicious products, which includes :

Potato Chips, Rice & Corn extruded Snacks and other ethnic Namkeens. Kenty’s products are available all over Maharashtra & Karnataka

Our Products